Invest in a quality colorbond fencing solution that’ll last.

Colorbond fencing has increased in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. It looks great, it’s made from durable high-quality materials, and requires little to no maintenance. Investing in fencing for your Melbourne property can provide increased privacy, safety, and reduced noise pollution. Our Colorbond fencing materials come in a variety of profiles and a range of finishes, so that you can secure quality fencing supplies that’ll not only last, but that will go well with your Melbourne property.

To learn more, enquire about our Colorbond fencing, or fencing materials, feel free to reach out to our Melbourne team today.

We specialise in Colorbond fencing supplies

We are suppliers of Colorbond Fencing by Bluescope Steel for your Melbourne home.
We stock a various number of colours, and two profiles, Metline & Trimclad in 1790mm sheets.
All our colorbond is supplied by Metroll, and any colours or heights we don’t stock can be ordered in within a quick turnaround time.
Not all steel fencing is made from Colorbond Steel, so make sure you are getting the right product.
The Metroll Metline, Trimclad & Metfence profiles, made using Colorbond steel, are branded with a subtle laser engraving on either side of the sheets.
Colorbond Fencing is great looking, requires minimal maintenance and is long lasting.
With a number of colours to choose from, you can personalise your fence to match your home.

To learn more about colorbond fencing materials and supplies, feel free to reach out to Kazman Timber today.

Currently we are stocking the following items:


  • 2.1mt
  • 2.4mt
  • 2.7mt
  • 3.0mt


  • 2.365mt
  • 3.125mt


  • 1800:
    • Metline 1.790
    • Trimclad 1.790
  • 2100:
    • Metline 2.090
    • Trimclad 2.090

50×50 posts:

  • 2.4mt (approx)
  • 2.7mt (approx)
  • 3.0mt (approx)

65×65 posts:

  • 2.4mt (approx)
  • 2.7mt (approx)
  • 3.0mt (approx)

(please note: Metfence sheets and all 1.49mt sheets are a special order)

Kazman Timber Colorbond Fencing Small

Colours we stock:

  • Domain
  • Terrace
  • Summershade
  • Riversand
  • Willow
  • Meadow
  • Teatree
  • Grey Ridge
  • Monument
  • Red Oak – post and rail only
  • Eclipse – post and rail only
  • Jasper
  • Ironstone
  • Basalt

Colours we can order in:

  • Surfmist
  • Shale Grey
  • Dune

Ask us about our Colorbond fencing supplies & solutions

We’re in the business of helping Melbourne home- and business-owners source the ideal Colorbond fencing supplies and solutions for their needs at a fair price, be it materials, decking, or something else. That’s why we always make ourselves available for questions and queries so that you can secure an expert’s opinion before deciding on a fencing solution. We’re available at (03) 9310-7359 and through email at