Cypress Posts – Rough Sawn

Kazman Timber Cypress Pine Posts Small

125×125 x 2700
125×125 x 3000
125×125 x 3600

125 x 75 x 2400
125 x 75 x 2700

Cypress Pine Posts

Cypress Pine Posts are a very popular choice when it comes to timber fencing supplies.  They are extremely durable and highly resistant to rot, decay and termite damage. Cypress Pine is relatively lightweight and easy to work with.
White cypress is a highly durable Australian softwood timber, ideally suited to exposed and high-wear applications such as house framing and cladding, flooring and fencing. White cypress is a highly durable Australian softwood timber species. It is readily available throughout Australia.

Feel free to come into our Ravenhall timber yard to inspect the quality cypress wood we have available. We will be only too happy to have a chat with you about our product and how it can enhance the project you are working on.

The perfect wood for the Australian home

Kazman Timber is proud to supply this quality Australian softwood for largescale and DIY projects throughout Melbourne. With our aim being to provide the public with the highest quality timber fencing materials available, we supply a product range that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Cypress wood is the quintessential Australian softwood. Throughout the country you can see this particular style giving homes and gardens that extra rustic style.

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