Looking for a fencing contractor?

Require a new fence? No problems!

Building a new fence is pretty important and can be difficult. To make sure that your fence is built properly; is value for money and most importantly, lasts, you need to find an experienced fencer.

Although this can seem easy because of the amount of fencers available, most fencers do not have this experience required. In fact anybody can buy a trailer and some tools and become ‘fencers’. These fencers often provide a ‘cheaper’ quote or ‘undercharge’ for the construction of fences to gain work in the tough economy, but due to the lack of knowledge and experience don’t provide a top quality product.

Hence why we think recommendation and referrals is important in the fencing industry.
We deal with a large number of experienced fencers on a daily basis whom have a long customer relationship with us. All fencers we recommend are professional, use quality products and construct a fence that will last.

If you would like to be put into contact with and experienced fencer, fill out the form below and your details will be passed onto the fencer servicing your neighbourhood.
Please note: We can only provide contact details for fencers in Melbourne’s West. We do not provide installation services. This service is only a referral and are not affiliated or receive any benefit from the referral.